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Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello World!

Based on past experience with keeping a diary, this may well be my last post, but I enjoy reading and talking about trail running (oh, and I like running), so there is a chance I will get into writing about it too. I am moving from Morgantown, WV to Aberystwyth, UK, and I will try to use this blog as a way to stay in touch with my running friends in the US.

I just entered my first race in the UK and found out that I will be buying a compass, a space blanket, a first-aid kit, and a whistle! So much for the Krupicka-style running with just a bottle and shorts, but I look forward to the experience of more self-sufficient ultramarathons. This race would also give me 2 points as a qualifier for UTMB next year, and that definitely adds some motivation.

Once I am done with my run at Coopers Rock tomorrow, I will be looking for updates on Miwok. I am curious if the so called "old man" can do it again. I don’t think it will be easy with Mike Wolfe, Dakota Jones, Ian Sharman (even if he’s not racing) and the Oregon crew in the mix. It should be an exciting race, I hope I can be part of one of these someday!

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