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Saturday, May 28, 2011


I will be glued to my computer tomorrow, working and following what has to be the biggest ultramarathon in the world. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for ex-fellow Morgantown runner and training partner Phil Turk, who I think will pleasantly surprise himself  and break nine hours. Go Phil!

Also, good luck to Ian Sharman (whom I have not met yet, but writes one of my favorite blogs) with sneaking under six hours and into the top ten! I look forward to reading the race reports.


  1. Turns out you are nothing if not clairvoyant! Thanks again for your support :-)

  2. No Phil, one did not need much voodoo to figure that out, after a few runs with you. By the way, what took you so long, and what's with the 44-min. positive split? ;)