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Monday, February 18, 2013

Here we go again…

I am finally back to running regularly, after an agonisingly long winter layoff. Here are the highlights from my first couple of weeks of more consistent training:

  • Tarren Hendre (9 Feb 2013, 0:58:50, 10th). Fun carpool with Aber AC club-mates Cameron and Lauren (despite Cameron’s reckless driving). Decent ascent (4th at the top) and even worse than usual descent.  To be fair, I lost several positions to not knowing the best line and deciding not to take chances in the fog. But I am also still scared to run the open fell descents hard, especially in wet conditions. Tried to start practicing that on my lunchtime run last Thursday, but just ended up on my back, to the amusement of my training partners at work. Anything to cheer you up, guys!

  My first ever fell race in rainy weather!
The Flying Scot (why can’t I have a beard like that!)

  • The beautiful weather last week has inspired me to run more frequently to Moel Y Llyn – my new local favourite.


  • Time to plan out the season – nothing is set in stone just yet, but will probably stick with the plan of racing shorter and (hopefully) faster.


  1. The last two pictures are gorgeous,my friend.

  2. Yes, and only 4.5 miles from my house.