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Friday, June 8, 2012

Welsh 1000m peaks (DNS)

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to get up very early in the morning on race day, not even have to look through the window to know that the weather is horrendous, and then (bailing out obviously being out of the question) have the divine/demonic intervention that the weak and negative side of you has been hoping for all along? Well, it happened to me today, and it sucks! 

I hit a road closure just a few miles into my drive to Llanberis early this morning. Incredulous, I opened the road atlas, looked at the long detour that I would need to take and calculated that I would definitely miss the bus to the start, quite possibly the start as well. So I turned around and drove back home. Now I can definitely relate to the images of crying runners after the cancellation of the 2010 UTMB, even if the scale of my disappointment is obviously quite different. So it goes…

On the positive side, I was definitely a bit worried about having to run an undoubtedly gruelling 4-5-hour race only two weeks before the Vitosha 100K, with the Lakeland 100M only a month later. And I am kind of curious to see how the involuntary long taper will work out.

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