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Friday, June 8, 2012

Running with the Bulls (Cader Idris 2012)

No, not the one in Pamplona. This one takes place in Dolgellau (N Wales), and the ‘bulls’ are actually quite agile:
 Matt Roberts (top) and the Jones brothers (Andrés - middle and Felipe - bottom). I am not quite ready to hang with these guys, but have halved the gap relative to last year.
This was much less of a kick in the teeth relative to 2011. 
 But it still hurt and highlighted my lack of
specific training for fast hill running. 
 I did, however, manage to hold my position on the downhill,
and even passed one runner.
10th overall in 1:39. Not bad, but maybe I should
take this more seriously next year…?
In case you were following Zegama and are wondering who Lauren Jeska is. Six days after running an amazing race in the Pyrenees, she said she was tired,
but I couldn't really tell.

Welsh 1000m peaks tomorrow, and more running with the bulls. This time over a longer distance and rougher terrain. Course knowledge is apparently key for this one, and mine is limited to the last 800 m. Not a good sign, but I am still looking forward to it. Should be a half-decent day too, after a week of ‘unsettled’ weather, even by British standards.


  1. Wow, you guys can really run! Have you thought about actually being a bull?


  2. Interesting! This is pretty much exactly the opposite of what I look for when I go for a run, but I will keep an open mind about it and may try it someday.