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Friday, May 17, 2013

Off road (Red Kite Challenge and Ras Y Diafol, 2013)

I have run on roads a lot more this year than ever before, and this has been hard, both physically and mentally. Road running is starting to grow on me a little bit, I think, but the transition back to softer ground and hillier surroundings has felt really good.

A couple of weekends ago, I ran the Red Kite Challenge (trail half-marathon) on Saturday and then the follow-up Ras Y Diafol (17M) on Sunday. Both of these races were really fun, but in a somewhat bitter-sweet way. The bitter part was that I ran much better (4th in 1:29 on Saturday, 1st in 2:01 on Sunday) than I would have expected, given that this was only a week after a goal marathon race. I knew this already, but the weekend was another reminder that I did not get the most out of my fitness in Manchester. Then again, I am not going to complain about winning a race, even if Ras Y Diafol is a pretty small and low-key event. And the prize was a pair of Salomon shoes!
Red Kite Challenge – this picture even made the local 
newspaper, and I am now officially a celebrity!

Ras Y Diafol – once a WV Mountaineer…

Cader Idris tomorrow – it is looking like the heat is not going to be an issue this year!


  1. Nicely done, Gancho. You are are hitting your stride. The pictures are fantastic and seeing you in the Gold-n-Blue put a smile on my face this morning. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Phil! Funny you should mention strides – I was just planning a strides session for today and reminiscing about the one we did together along Deckers Creek.

  3. Way to go Gancho. Great seeing you still representing us West Virginians!

    I'm anxiously awaiting your return to WV for a race.

    1. Thanks Adam! It will happen - I still need to run a proper Highlands Sky and the Trilogy is always appealing.