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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Race Plans for 2012

After some deliberation, I have solidified my race schedule for 2012. While I am still going to run a few of the local short fell races (mostly to remind myself how poor my strength and speed are), my focus will be on these four:

Brecon Beacons 40M (May 12, 2012)
This is once again part of the Runfurter Ultra-running Championships, so I expect it to be fairly competitive. I don’t usually return to races I have done (the Vitosha 100K being the only exception so far), but this one is too close to pass, and I actually do want to try it again after last year’s navigation debacle.
Welsh 1000m Peaks 20M (June 9, 2012)
What can be better than a short fell race? A long one, of course. I am looking forward to this one, but I will have to be very careful, if I want to run well at the Vitosha 100K.

Vitosha 100K (June 23, 2012)
This one will always be special for me, even when/if I eventually ‘get it right.’

Lakeland 100M (Ultra Tour of the Lake District) (July 27, 2012) 
By all measures, the big one this year. I don’t dare plan much or any running in August. Then, we’ll see.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures from a 10M fell race (Ras Yr Aran) that I ran this weekend. I was too tired from traveling and field work to compete, but how do you pass on this weather and scenery?


  1. Great race plans, Gancho. The countryside you're running through is gorgeous. I'll look forward to hearing of all your exploits!

  2. Awesome stuff Gancho. Looks like a great schedule. I was hoping to see a date listed in WV, U.S.A though.

    What kind of shoes are those that you're running around them-there hills?

  3. Awesome Gancho!!! Venturing for your first 100M, correct? I to am reaching for the longer distance this year Mohican, although not as technical looking as yours!

  4. Phil, northern Wales is stunningly beautiful. Plenty of good cycling and climbing too – I am looking forward to your promised visit!

    Adam, I am running fell races with an Adidas Kanadia TR4 this year. They fit me really well, have decent traction on grass/mud, and are fairly cheap. I just can’t bring myself up to coughing up the £80 ($130) for a pair of Inov8 X-talons, which seems to be by far the shoe of choice among fell runners. I would really like to come back to the US for a race or two, but this is unlikely to happen soon. Good luck at Massanutten!

    Jim, with all my navigational mistakes, I pretty much ran a 100-miler last summer. By mile 90 or so of my version of the Ridgeway Challenge, I knew I could keep moving at the same (slow) pace for many more hours. But the Lakeland 100 will be completely different. From what I have read, it is the British version of UTMB/Hard Rock, without the altitude factor and with less climbing (‘only’ about 22,000 ft), but with possibly more challenging underfoot conditions and definitely more challenging navigation.