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Friday, June 24, 2011

Western States Predictions

Of course all this blabber about an obscure race in Bulgaria (which just happens to be the most special ultramarathon for me) is completely silly, given what’s coming up tomorrow. So here are my admittedly bold/slightly insane predictions.

Having officially entered my high 30s, I am rooting for the semi-veterans this year. In the men’s race, I predict that Roes and Jornet will have just a bit too much fun at the front and will either drop or get caught and passed late by Mackey and Clark, with Mackey winning by less than five minutes (sorry Nick, I really do like your blog a lot as I do Geoff’s). In the women’s race, I think Semick and Greenwood will turn out to have run too hard at Comrades, so I put my money on Arbogast (being a something of a Corvallis expatriate, I might be slightly biased with this one). Oh, and speaking of Oregon bias, I am leaving the biggest upset for the end. I predict Craig Thornley will finally put a dent into the 8+ hour gap AJW has on him in their infamous 10-year bet. Realistically though, I doubt I will be winning the irunfar contest.

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